THE porch project


June 20, 2017

 Friends, family, neighbors, and strangers―welcome to our porch!


Has life been a little hectic lately? Do you ever feel like your days are so fast-paced that sometimes it's hard to catch your breath? 


Well, look no further than the metaphorical, worn-out rocking chairs of our imaginary front porch. Grab your sweet tea (or unsweetened if you're Caroline), your Diet Coke, a can of Bud, or what have you, and take a seat with us & unwind. 


Feeling better already, right? 


So, what's with the whole porch metaphor? Glad you asked!


Ever since its inception, the porch has played a pivotal role in allowing people to catch up, unwind, and reflect on life itself; acts that often fall to the bottom of our list of priorities in our chaotic daily lives. 


And sometimes, if you're lucky, a porch can be the perfect place to tell a good story to a dear friend.


 We―as in Megan and I―wanted to create an environment for anyone to escape from their daily routines and feel like they are able to squeeze in a little bit more time for themselves and the things they really care about.


We wanted people to have the ability to UNPLUG themselves of their troubles and TUNE IN to a conversation that is worth having.


And thus, The Porch Project was born. 


The majority of this project will consist of Podcasts between two best friends; topics will range anywhere from happenings around CoMo (that's Columbia, MO for the non-Tigers reading this) to our embarrassing stories to guy advice to deep conversations about inclusivity and feminism. 


That's right―ALL conversations are welcome on our porch.


And for the discussions we can't squeeze into an MP3 file, we will leave in a post for you to read at your leisure, perhaps with your morning cup of joe or your evening tea. And preferably, on your front porch (we don't really care, we just wanted to keep rolling with the metaphor). 


So again, welcome! Take a seat, tune in, and join the conversation! And if you wanted to be included in our talks,  drop us an email in our "About" section...the more the merrier! 


And until then, take care.



Caroline & Megan






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Be kind. 



Be tolerant. 





Put your feet up!


Leave happier than you came.

© 2017 by Megan Hill & Caroline Watkins

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