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July 2, 2017

 Here is an article I LOVE from Elite Daily. Back in the day when I would agonize over waiting for a boy to text me back, I would contemplate hopping on a plane to Timbuktu in order to stop myself from texting him out of anticipation. 


I know a lot of girls, especially those my age, who struggle with this dilemma. Although this issue may seem small and irrelevant to some of you, the struggle is certainly REAL.


And the best part is, most of the time, these boys aren't worth your time; but when you are caught up in the excitement of talking to a new love interest, sometimes the rose-colored glasses you are gazing through start to cloud your judgement. 


But you know what―you are STRONGER than caving, my friend. And until you find a significant other who sends you morning texts and drops everything to ask you how your day is going (s/o to my awesome boyfriend), know that there are a million better things you can do than trying to get his attention through a text. 


So, without further ado, here is a kickass article from Elite Daily. 


Click on the photo to take you to the full article. Photo provided by 


*Disclaimer: We try to be as inclusive as possible here on The Porch. We used the pronoun of he/him in this article because it applied to our situation, but hell―any pronoun applies here!


Do you struggle with this issue at all, or have in the past? Feel free to share your experiences below―we love to hear 'em!






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