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July 4, 2017


In a world where the media is often times slandered by the public, choosing journalism as a degree is a battle which one passionately picks to fight.


After all, one doesn’t choose journalism. Journalism chooses its creators. Stories intrigue and challenge everyone, but journalists in particular are the ones who decide to digest and reflect upon the meaning of a story.


In recent times, I have often been asked why I chose journalism as my degree. Why would I waste my time studying a career path which is often belittled by not only citizens of the world but by prestigious figures of authority? The truth is yes, journalists do have to take on some serious heat from multiple sources. Under the dominion of recently inaugurated United States President Donald Trump, many are fearful of the precautions journalists will have to face in the coming years.


One woman’s story recollected being fired from her journalism job after posting an opinionated blurb about transgender relations in the journalism world. Not to mention, this story had only been posted on her personal blog.


This occurred just ten days after Trump was inaugurated. Furthermore, an article published in  November via The Atlantic intended to instruct journalists on how to protect themselves throughout the jurisdiction of The Trump Administration. When articles like this begin to surface, you realize that journalism isn’t as safe of a position as people would like to believe. As a journalist, you stand on a battlefield of your own, but you do it willingly.


Nonetheless, the news must be told, and as mentioned previously, not everyone can deliver it. I am proud to be learning the cut-throat skills of a journalist during this conflicted period in America’s history. I feel honored that I was gifted with the expertise required to execute stories in a journalistic manner. No matter what happens in the world, news will always be there, and we will consistently need someone to interpret it. It’s as simple as possible to understand if you briefly contemplate the wise words of world-renowned journalist Walter Cronkite: “That’s the way it is.”







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