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July 21, 2017

It's August, and you know what that means! It's time to start prepping to move back to the 'ZOU! Whether you are moving into a new dorm room, apartment or house with a group of friends, we all understand the struggles of deciding how to transform white walls and hardwood floors into a cute & cozy environment. 


So, that's why we have compiled a list of ideas to make your home away from home the perfect oasis to crash in between classes and on the weekends. 


And who knows, maybe you'll love the vibes of your new place so much that you will never want to leave! Sorry, 9 a.m.'s...*cough*... who said that?



1. Lights (obviously)


From pretty white Christmas lights to neon strobe lights, the options are endless. Side note: we know it's tempting to buy the cute fairy lights from Urban Outfitters, but Amazon and Target are great substitutes for those who are on a tighter budget. 


2. Posters 


Hanging posters on your wall are the best way to showcase your personality. Perfect for someone who hates white walls, you can make a collage of your favorite bands, travel destinations or TV shows.



3. Plants! Especially Succulents! #BANDWAGON!

We can't help but fall head over heels in love with this bandwagon...we like succulents, and we like them EVERYWHERE! Bring any study space to life with low-maintenance plants! And just don't tell any of your friends when you kill the cacti, or else they will ridicule you for months to follow (oops). 


4. Sleek Storage 



Two words: sleek storage. In college, organization is key! Why not be chic while doing it? Even if your life is in shambles, cute storage bins and shelves will make you seem like you have your act together―the keyword is SEEM! 


5. DIY Pencil Containers 


Bring your inner-kindergartner to life with some decoupage; cut up some old magazines, grab some Mod Podge, and get to work! This idea is also great for people who want to give the illusion that they are neater than they actually are. 


6. Colorful Area Rugs

Sometimes a little pop of color is all you need. Colorful area rugs add that accent that your hardwood floors are missing. They also serve as a cover-up for that *cute* stain the person before you left in the middle of your floor.


7. (Look at this) photograph... 

Nothing cures homesickness more than reminiscing in some nostalgic memories with some cute photos of you and your friends from back home. You can post them directly onto your wall with Washi tape, string them around your room, or simply add some of your favorites in cute frames around your apartment. 


8. Jewelry 

Showcase some of your best statement necklaces by hanging them on push-pins on your walls. Again, a great idea for those who hate white walls, but might be more on the minimalist-side of interior decorating. 


9. Washi Tape 

What's not to love about Washi tape? There are an abundance of different ways you can use them around your pad, whether you are using pieces of the tape for accents on your wall or creating a cool, geometric statement wall in your bedroom. And the best part? Washi tape is probably the most cost-efficient way to give your room an instant upgrade. 


10. Decorative Pillows


From feminist to fur pillows, these unexpected pops of personality can tie any room together. Scattering these pillows around your space is also a great compromise for two (or more) roommates who all have different styles, but each want to add a bit of their own individuality to a space. We say, the more accent pillows, the merrier! 


11. Statement Mirrors 


Mirror, mirror on the wall...your living space will be the best of them all...with statement mirrors! Adding fun, decorative ones like these can make any cramped room or apartment feel more spacious, and yes, will give the illusion that your insanely expensive downtown apartment is―in fact―bigger than the shoebox it really is. 


 12. Cute Coasters 


Are you that “mom” friend who insists that your friends use a coaster every time they come to visit? Just me? Regardless, you can never go wrong with some cute coasters. A great place to pick up cool coasters is any vintage store―there are practically no "rules" when it comes to decorating with these little guys, so no one said you can't mix n' match some of your favorite finds. 



Whether you want to give your living space the ultimate facelift or simply add a few trendy touches to your room, making your home away from home more welcoming and cozy can make a huge difference. Try one of these tips in your own room and feel to share your room-transformations with us! And maybe even invite us over for Sunday brunch...







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