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August 26, 2017



 Monday night of sylly week, reunited with my gal. 


Good evening, tigers! Long time, no talk! With the first week of classes coming to an end, I've realized that sophomore year will be a lot different than freshman year...and I feel as if I am not the only one who feels this way.


On Monday of Sylly week, for example, Meg and I learned that our frat days were very much over. After a fire alarm went off and an (almost) audit occurred at the only frat house we feel comfortable visiting these days, we realized that we would much rather be chilling in the comfort of our apartments, chatting in our pajamas than being surrounded by sweaty drunkards while fog machines and strobe lights went off in every direction.


While we respect those that go ham during sylly week (really, especially those who have 8 a.m.'s the next morning), our shambly sophomore selves just couldn't commit to twerking to "Get Low" by Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, with the smell of Natty Light wafting through the air. 


It's an acquired taste.


I've also come to terms with the fact that this year will be a more low-key one for me. No longer do I have to deal with the stress of moving to a new state, making an entirely new set of friends, learning how college classes work and grinding through the j-school, one J4556 assignment at a time. 


I just have to worry about being "me." 


In actuality, this year will in fact be, undoubtedly, more boring. That's right. I said it.


I don't know if this deprivation of excitement for "the best four years of my life" stems from the amount of drunk people  I hear screaming from Harpo's  from my downtown apartment on a daily basis or the fact that I am coming to terms with the fact that J2100 will kill me slowly this semester. 


Either way, sophomore year, I am ready for you. But before I go all-in, I wanted to remind myself of some lessons I wish I knew at the beginning of last year. 


And I figured, if you are relating to anything I have said above, some of this advice might be helpful for you too. 


What I want to work on this year:



1. Removing the toxic people in my life 


Boy oh boy. Man, do I wish I learned this lesson earlier. Do you ever have those people that saunter in your life, who originally intrigue you but then you realize they are actually awful people? These people often turn into parasites, who not only fill your life with negative energy, but also use you as a doormat for their troubles. To those people I say, BEGONE! Just THINK of all the positive people you can spend time with, the productive things you can do instead of talking to them, and how much healthier your life would be without them! Cut your ties, say your goodbyes, and move-on with your life! Spend time with those who care. It will pay off in the long run. 


2. Stressing less about social media 


So what if your Insta feed isn't color-coordinated? And so what if you want to post three times a day? Honestly, social media etiquette I find is so overrated these days. Post those three pictures, take a bomb selfie and honestly, let your freak flag fly. Life is too short. 



3. Working on self-care (and not just because it's the trendy thing to do) 


Okay, not to preach this to you for probably the 100th time, but self-care is important, especially in college. We spend so much time running from class to class, staying up late working on projects (or procrastinating on Netflix), and well, having fun when we can. But sometimes it's better to stay in and watch a movie when you're feeling a little worn-down or take a lazy Sunday to spend time with yourself. Listen to your gut. 


4. Spending more time with those who put in the most time 


This goes hand-in-hand for the first point. Go out of your way to spend time with the people with the people that go out of their way for you. It's sort of a no-brainer, but at least with my experience, I regret not spending as much time with people that dropped everything to spend time with me last year. 


5. Learning to be more patient with myself 


College can be frustrating. Especially the j-school (insert upside down-face emoji). But we are all human and you guessed it, we all make mistakes. We are in college to learn, and by no means are we experts in our field yet. I need to remind myself to learn more from my mistakes, instead of franticly attempt to cover them up. 


I hope my note to self was able to provide you some solace for the coming year, or maybe even prompt you to create your own "note to self." The beginning of the school year often brings more anxiety than excitement―and that's okay. 


Either way, my girl Meg and I are here for you, and you are always welcome on our porch. 




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Be kind. 



Be tolerant. 





Put your feet up!


Leave happier than you came.

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