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February 28, 2018


When you thought of fun things to do in Columbia, you dreamed of the blissful nights you would spend clamoring around bars or fraternity gatherings in kitten heels, velour body suits and faded denim skirts. You imagined the boys, all unique in their own ways, from the effortless appeal of their Patagonia pullovers to their scuffed leather loafers. In other words, you are looking flawless, and they look, well, downright delicious. This is the dream for some. For others, it is a hellish nightmare to be avoided at all costs.


If you’re the simple kind of girl who knows that there is plenty of time in the future to be spent socializing with spirits and chasing after chaps, you probably spend your free time doing what you are supposed to be doing: studying. What will you do, however, during those occasional breaks from the books?


On the other hand, maybe you do enjoy a good party, but you crave the occasional break from the wild side to do something more relaxed. Here are 10 fun things to do at Mizzou that don’t involve drinking.


1. Go on a hike.
Columbia has a ton of random parks and conservation areas.
2. See a movie at Ragtag Cinema.
Movies are always fun to see. Catch a rare Indie flick before anyone else sees it.
3. Go thrifting at one of the many CoMo thrift stores, like Maude V.

Thrifted clothes are always in style.


4. Drive to a small town outside of Columbia to check out a new scene.

 There are so many to choose from: Rocheport, Williamsburg, Moberly, Booneville, Lake of the Ozark’s, etc. Take the adventure outside of the college town when in search of things to explore.


5. Hit up school sponsored events.

 Some things to do are Mizzou After Dark or a sporting event. School pride never hurt anyone.

6. Check out the local animal shelters and play with their adoptable pets.
Just don't impulsively adopt. 
 7. Go to a painting party.  

 There is The Canvas on Broadway or Paint the Town. My only advice is to not buy the wine they offer. Painting is still fun without alcoholic beverages involved. 


8. Go see a music show at The Blue Note.


This is a great excuse to invite a crush out on a date.

9. Host a game night.

A girls or guys night with board games and a few appetizers is always a blast. Cards Against Humanity, anyone? When you’re looking for fun things to do that don’t involve leaving the comfort of your place, game nights are always the answer.

10. Sit down and eat a meal together.

 Gather a group of friends together for a family style meal at a local restaurant or in the comfort of your own apartment. You know you’ve been craving Flat Branch this whole time.


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