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June 25, 2018

Porchies, meet Sarah! Sarah, meet Porchies! Sarah will be popping on our Porch from time to time to write about her lifestyle as a student in The Netherlands. She's a #girlboss and a dear friend, and we hope you enjoy her stories as much as we do. 


My name is Sarah Westheim and I’m in my first year of university studying Literature and Society at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I live in the West of Amsterdam with two guys whom I have now come to consider family. I love to read and write and am always on the move, despite the rainy days which seem to occur almost every other day.



"Dancing Buildings" by Caroline Watkins. 


Entry No.1: The Commute 


Because it’s 0830, the bike lanes are congested again. I rode next to my friend on the way to school, weaving through the slow bikers; every once in a while, I look back to see if she’s still following. Good, she’s still there.


I begin to think back on October, when it was 0330 and I was slightly trashed coming home with my friend for the night. We would take turns biking and sitting on the back of the bike. I was biking when we saw that we were almost back. We noticed a sign that read ,"Ede Wargeninen," that was lit up by the street lamp on the side of the road;  we both cheered knowing we could soon go to sleep.

Much to our dismay, my excitement caused me to hit the curb. The next thing I knew, I was face down on the asphalt and couldn't for the life of me stop laughing.


I shook my head and then focused back on my bike ride to school. We took my way this time, which takes 15 instead of 23 minutes. I jump off my bike before it’s fully stopped and lock my bike up.


 People say biking in Amsterdam is horrid, but it’s probably because they’re witnessing people like me bike!


 Photos by Sarah Westheim




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