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August 7, 2018

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking my grandmother to see what I believe is a new musical masterpiece. Yes, the first Mamma Mia movie is untouchable. This sequel, however, provided a long-awaited follow-up (ten years to be exact) and a bit more of the back story. 


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Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again was released in theaters on July 20, 2018. Rotten Tomatoes gave the production a score of 79 percent. As of now, it is number two in the box office line up. 


According to reviews I read on Rotten Tomatoes, some believe the film was a stretch. One critic in particular expressed that the production was merely a "cash grab."


I, on the other hand, think it was brilliantly articulated. 


For one, we get a follow up on Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) (*SPOILER: She stayed with Sky (Dominic Cooper). I didn't think that flame would still be burning in the sequel, but alas*). Sophie has grown up a lot since the first movie, which was expected. The downside? Sophie no longer has the motherly watch of Donna (Meryl Streep), as she has since died of unknown causes. Nonetheless, Sam (Pierce Brosnan), Sophie's stepdad, is still in the picture.


The unique part of this movie/musical is that it flashes back in time to when young Donna (Lily James) was just leaving school at Oxford up until the time she has Sophie. It is both charming and whimsical to travel back into Donna's early years of innocence and self-discovery. These added details from the past are what viewers have pondered since the original movie. 


The music and energy from the actors takes this movie to the next level in my opinion. I am once more astonished by how the music from one band fits so perfectly with the plot.


Lily James is a shining breakout star. I believe that she was an incredible choice for the part of young Donna.


Cher, who plays Donna's mom, uses her angelic voice to bring two familiar favorites into one performance. She reactivates the audience's enthusiasm and sings the Abba hits with her own flair. 


Last but not least, the costumes in this film will inspire you to invest in some funky boho tops and bell bottoms. I am already hunting for a pair of wooden chunk wedges. 


The mood throughout the movie is joyful, even when there is any hint of disappointment in the storyline. All of these things and more will have you tapping your foot (or maybe even dancing in the aisles) throughout the whole movie. You will leave the theater feeling as light as a cloud (at least until reality hits again). Consider this movie an opportunity to kick back and immerse yourself into the party that is musical theater in cinema. 


Check out the video below to watch the final trailer!




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